Monday, November 19, 2007

"Vision Quest" BA Thesis Table of Contents

Vision Quest: Shamanic Ecstasy and Healing in Traditional and
Modern Societies

Bachelor of Arts Thesis From University of California, Santa Cruz, June 15, 1987,

by William A. Sadler, III



Chapter One: Definitions, Terms, Cultural and Cross-Cultural
Patterns and Commonalties, and Historical Origins

Chapter Two: Functions, Social Roles, Forms and Differentiations from Other People, Sacred Practitioners and Ecstatics

Chapter Three: The Functional Roles of Vision, Ecstasy, Trance, Hallucinogens and Alternate States of Consciousness in Accelerated
Neuro-Genetic Learning and Processing of Emotions and Cognitive Skills;
What It Is, What It's Like, and How Shamans Do It

Chapter Four: Becoming a Shaman: Initiation and Legitimation

Chapter Five: The Shaman: Culture-Carrier, Teacher and Social
Integrator; Status, Ethics and Gender Ratios

Chapter Six: Elements and Sources of the Shamanic
Complex Among Primal Peoples

Chapter Seven: The Renaissance of Shamanic Expression and Interest Therein; and Why Continued Exploration of Shamanic Ways Is Crucial to the Survival of Human Culture in Post-Technological Societies

Chapter Eight: Modern Forms of the Shaman-Figure

Chapter Nine: The Value of Hallucinogens and Shamanic Ecstasy
to Modern Society

Chapter Ten: The Modern Shaman-Figure as Psychotherapist and
Terrestrial Healer