Friday, February 25, 2005

Teaching Interview Questions

Teaching Interview Questions:

1- What are your three most important reasons for wanting to be a teacher?

I wrote:
1- To help young people learn how to be good citizens.
2- To share the knowledge I have gained and challenge myself to deeper learning
3- To be part of a learning community where I can contribute meaningfully to the growth of our common goals.

2- How much do you want to know about your students in order to be most helpful to them?

I wrote:
As the year progresses, so does my understanding of who my students are and also my awareness of their distinct learning needs. I want to get to know them as individuals, part of a community.

3- What three things do you want to know about your students?

I wrote::
1- language acquisition needs
2- learning styles
3- past experience with subject matter..
it is also nice to know about their extracurricular activities, hobbies, etc.

4- What do you need to know in order to begin your lesson planning for a class?

I wrote:
The objective or standard to be addressed, the specific topic of the lesson, and the ability of the students to achieve the objective.

5- What four components do you believe you must include in your plan?

I wrote:
Appropriate standard, pacing of lesson, into/through/beyond factors, and prior knowledge of students.

6- When you think about your students, in what major ways do you most want to influence their lives?

I wrote:
I hope they will develop a love for learning and develop into kinder, more thoughtful people.

7- What two core teaching strategies do you most use to achieve this result?

I wrote:
Socratic dialogue/discussion and reflective writing exercises.